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Hope Forward: Surviving and Thriving through Emotional Pain: Here Comes the SAD

Monday, November 17, 2008

Here Comes the SAD

Sometimes low can get lower. Your mood goes from good to okay, or from okay to shaky, or from shaky to gutter. It does help to know why whenever possible. When we just know that the mood-o-meter is registering a zero, one thing we can do is take a look inside. And outside. And really study what is effecting our feeling state.

So of course you can scan through the usual cast of possibilities: interactions with people (anything bothering you about a particular relationship or conversation?), job or school pressure, money worries, hormones? What things are on your mind that you are aware of, or could become aware of, that affect how you are feeling?

It does take a bit sleuthing sometimes. Reviewing the events of the day, and taking a few moments to study what feelings we were left with and what thoughts we had.

And then for those of us who are living in parts of the country that are cooling off, and getting browner and darker, instead of staying a steady 8o degrees of sunny delight., there is the added possibility of Seasonal Affective Disorder . AKA SAD.

I really do believe that the weather effects us, the temperature effects us, light effects us. For some folks, it's really business as usual, but for those who are sensitive to environmental factors, we need to take extra care of our psyches.

There are lots of gadgets and ideas out there. Sun lamps, electric blankets, hot tea. I think anything that nurtures and warms the body is good for the soul.

So I am just putting in a plug for knowing what you can know about yourself at any given moment, especially during low points. And then giving yourself permission to tend to your mood. You can stay in it, or you can try to bump it up a bit. But you do have choices. You can honor sadness without becoming hopeless. You can honor anger without becoming destructive. You can tend to yourself, and to others, without sinking into SAD for the season.
And you can check out my fellow blogger's post on the topic for some good words and ideas.

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